At DÄIBÄI we organize camps during the summer, Christmas and Easter vacations. In these campuses we focus on promoting skateboarding, combining these activities with through play and fellowship, combining these activities with outings, creative workshops and group dynamics.

Our offer of camps is as follows:

The structure of the days during the different skateboard camps that we organize at DÄIBÄI is as follows:

We receive the participants in time, we ask if they need anything (protections, skate...) and we encourage them to do the same with the rest of the participants.
We get together as a group to do a functional warm-up aimed at skateboarding and we use this moment to talk as a group.
We carry out a group skateboard class with Games and Exercises aimed at the gradual progress of abilities.
We gather the group to rest, eat the `Hamaiketako´ and share this time together.
We propose different playful and artistic activities to stimulate creativity, interaction and group work.
We reserve the last moment of the morning so that the participants have a moment guided by their will in which they can skate in a self-directed but supervised way. We believe that this moment is important to stimulate their motivation, make them aware of their abilities and encourage them to interact with the rest.

We introduce you to our team of instructors, formed by experienced skaters and always eager to make you have a good time.


Julen Arizmendi

Graduated in Psychology from the UPV/EHU with a Master's in Research in Physical Activity Sciences... more

Social Skate
Intervención social
Jon Mikel

Jon Mikel López

Social Integrator with extensive experience working with different vulnerable groups... more

Social Skate
Intervención social
Integración Social

Kiara Barayazarra

She is the new member of the team. She has personal experience in skateboarding since... more