Skate School focused on personal and social development. We were born with the aim of expanding the accessibility of skateboarding by addressing the limits of access to this practice and directing this activity to positive development. Our facilities and methodologies have been designed to facilitate the beginning of skateboarding and offer a space to promote practice and learning with the aim of expanding the availability of this activity and accommodate diversity.

Indoor SkatePark
Skateboarding Lessons

We believe in the positive impact that skateboarding can have on both personal and social development; we understand and promote skateboarding as an alternative activity that generates fun, interaction and fosters values such as:


We encourage the development of self-confidence to gradually face challenges and get to know oneself better.


We work from the game to strengthen the learning process and enjoy it.


As the basis of the relationships that are created between people.


As a means to grow their social skills and build new relationships.


To learn by knowing the person independently of everything else and to be aware that diversity is richness.


We promote the active participation of students from a community perspective, motivating them to be actors in their own development and that of their immediate environment.

We are a family organization that seeks to link the teaching of Skateboarding with social intervention. To carry out our aspirations and ideas, DÄIBÄI is formed by a multidisciplinary working group. composed of professionals in Psychology, Sports Science, Social Work, Legislation and Finance. Thanks to the joint work we have been able to launch this innovative project.

At Daibai Skateboarding you will enjoy large spaces with different areas equipped for skateboarding and designed to facilitate teaching and learning during the courses, camps and free sessions that are taught in our facilities.