We offer multilevel skateboarding courses for youth and adults over 16 years old. In this program we give special importance to safe practice and gradual progress, with the objective of avoiding or reducing as much as possible the occurrence of shocks and injuries. We also schedule courses for participants with previous skateboarding experience who want to advance or improve their skills. As a general rule, these sessions are guided by step-by-step teaching and self-protection techniques always in favor of the sustainability and availability of skateboarding.

Skateboarding school for adults in Vizcaya
Skateboarding school for adults in Vizcaya

The schedules and prices for these skate classes are as follows:


School +18 years old Days / Hours Week Price €/month
1 day / 1,5 hrs. Week 60/month
2 days / 3 hrs. Week 110/month
3 days / 4,5 hrs. Week 160/month

Access the registration form and sign up the DÄIBÄI skateboard school or contact with our team to solve any doubt.

In our skateboard school the sessions are organized according to the following structure:

Between 1H - 1.5H and 8 students for each teacher.
We use the first 15' of the session to work on psychomotor skills in a group, warm up the body and greet each other. In it, dynamic movements closely related to skateboarding are practiced in order to work on physical abilities (balance, resistance, jumping power, coordination) through repetition and imitation. In addition, the idea is that the circle format facilitates interaction between boys and girls, a moment that offers us a great opportunity to share thoughts and ideas.
The use of protections is one of the most important learning to work. For this, each session has a special moment that we call protection circuit. In this case, the students follow in a group a dynamic series of exercises for the use of knee pads, elbows and helmet around the skatepark. Getting used to these movements helps a lot to avoid or avoid jumps and subsequent accidents. Thus, we work on the prevention of injuries or accidents.
Being the core of the session, in this part we divide the group of students into small and staggered groups of 8 students in order to offer the most appropriate and personalized service possible. These small groups move in a coordinated way through the different areas of the skatepark so that they try different exercises in each session.
Throughout our courses we use games and dynamics designed to discover the first steps around skateboarding in a stimulating and fun way. Believing that this makes the class format a little more fun, we seek to encourage the playful aspect in students while favoring the internalization of the content taught.
In the last minutes of the session we reserve a moment for the students for free play. We believe that this moment is vital for them to relate to each other as individuals and be a moment guided by their will.

We introduce you to our team of "teachers", formed by experienced skaters and always eager to make you have a good time.


Julen Arizmendi

Graduated in Psychology from the UPV/EHU with a Master's in Research in Physical Activity Sciences... more

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Jon Mikel

Jon Mikel López

Social Integrator with extensive experience working with different vulnerable groups... more

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Kiara Barayazarra

She is the new member of the team. She has personal experience in skateboarding since... more

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