Cursos de Skateboard y Psicomotricidad para los pequeños de la casa

DÄIBÄI Team: staff and monitors.

Here we introduce you to the staff and monitors that make up the DÄIBÄI team. People from different fields and with wide experience in each one of them, which has allowed us to build and launch this project. They will be there to help you when you enjoy skating at our facilities.


julen arizmendi skateboarding daibai


Julen Arizmendi has a degree in Psychology from the UPV/EHU with a Master’s degree in Research in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences. He works and studies the relationship between skateboarding and development with the objective of designing and implementing psychosocial interventions through skateboarding.

Extensive experience; he has traveled to several countries to skateboard, participated in initiatives for the creation of skateboard-related content, competed nationally and internationally, and taught at several recognized skateboard schools in the Basque Country.


jon mikel lopez daibai


Jon Mikel López is a social integrator with a long experience working with vulnerable groups. His expertise and passion for Skateboarding lead him to believe faithfully in using this way of life as a tool for social intervention.

He has extensive experience in both skating and teaching skateboarding lessons. His professional profile together with his interpersonal skills makes him the ideal person to transmit and teach, making students feel at home when participating in sessions, courses, and skateboard camps.




Kiara Barayazarra is the newest member of the team. She has personal experience in skateboarding as she has been skateboarding since she was 12 years old. She has participated in the competitive field obtaining recognizable results.

On the other hand, she has experience in animation and event management; she has been “Speaker” in several skateboard competitions. In addition, she has extensive experience as a skateboard teacher both in schools and camps. She is currently pursuing university training in Business Administration and Management and as a regional skateboard judge.

If you are in the area of Gernika, Basque Country, you have to come and meet us! Visit DÄIBÄI Skate Park Indoor.


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